Posted by: Dana | December 23, 2009

Training Seminar

Please join us for a training event on January 14th at Cyclemania, 6:00pm.

Marianne Stover and Erin Brennan will share some of their training knowledge for the off season. Some items discussed during this event will be:

  • general discussion on winter training including purpose, establishing goals, different base periods and their roles.
  • sample workouts based on type of riding (racing early season, charity rides, improving general fitness)
  • handout of sample workouts
  • quick demo on the different workouts and how they are done (types of intervals, cadence, etc.)
  • simple methods for establishing heartrate zones

For those of you who don’t know Marianne, she is an accomplished mountain bike racer, road and cyclo-cross racer, including winning a ‘cross national title and this year’s Maine Time Trial Series.

(Marianne during a 2009 Time Trial in Scarborough.)

Erin Brennan needs almost no introduction to many who participate in triathons in the State. She is an outstanding triathlete winning several Maine State Time Trial series as well at countless triathlons, placing within the top 5 of many 1/2 Ironman events throughout the Northeast, and has had a long standing All American ranking. Erin also starting racing cyclocross this year and found herself on the podium at several events.

(Erin experiencing the joys of mud at the Downeast Cyclocross race in October 2009.)

Please join us for an evening with these inspiring women to learn how you can maximize your training in the off season, whether you are training for the upcoming racing season or just trying to stay in shape and best prepare for those upcoming centuries.

Feel free to pass along this information to anyone you feel might be interested. However, to best prepare for the number of participants and provide the accurate number of handouts, please RSVP to Dana McEwan by Monday, January 11th.



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