Posted by: Dana | April 11, 2010

SIP Crit Race #2

There were several of the PVC women on the line for the women’s race in the Scarborough Industrial Park today. Erin Brennan, Elizabeth Ehrenfeld, Jan Conley, Kellie Joyce, Kim Schutsky, and Dana McEwan were joined by a few Base36 racers and a couple racers from the Gould Academy team for the women/beginners/juniors race. Erin joined in on the B-race, and Ivy and Marianne rocked the A-race. Once again, it was a lot of fun. However, don’t take my word for it. Below is Kellie Joyce’s account of the race:

So today was my first ever bike race! I was really excited going into it, and I’m really excited to do it again, so it was definitely a good time. I raced the women’s race of the Scarborough Industrial Parkway Crit Series, with the encouragement of Dana and the company of Elizabeth, Erin, Kim, and Jan (rocking our PVC kits), plus Ivy and Marianne who rode with the big kids.

Start of the women’s race.

Ivy’s start with the A-race.

Marianne’s start with the A-race.

It was a little chilly at the start, though that could’ve been because I forgot my upper half base layer (at least I had my shoes!!) I got there around 7 and took a couple warm-up laps to get the lay of the land. Another lap with Dana helped, as she pointed out some of the potholes and cracks that you want to know about ahead of time. We lined up for the start at 7:30, and off we went.

I learned pretty quickly there’s a lot of strategy in this sport. Knowing who you can follow and when to break away and when to stick behind someone… it’s a lot to take in at once!

I am not yet comfortable riding straight off someone’s wheel, but I’m working on it. I much prefer to be able to see potholes coming at me, as I have a history of running straight into them, but that leaves you out in the wind in a race. Also, one of the turns is a 90-degree right hand turn with a slight uphill right afterwards. I’ve never tried taking a turn like that with the speed we were going, which was a little scary… and for me, very slow. I wound up hitting the brakes almost every time, and having to pound it to catch back up!

Jan and Kim.

Look at all the light blue that is the PVC women’s kit!

Erin having fun in the women’s race.

After our race I stuck around to watch the B race and the A race. Scary moment at the end of the B race when a few riders crashed within sight of the finish line… Erin got a few stitches in her elbow, but besides that I think it was mostly scrapes and bruises. The B race looked fast, and there were a few breakaways at the front, which we didn’t have in our race. The A race was crazy fast, and the group that finished first was very impressive.

Like I said, can’t wait to do it again, I hope more women decide to give it a try. It’s all for fun, with a healthy dose of competition, and a lotta bikes.

Kellie very determined.

Kellie digging deep at the finish.


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