Posted by: Dana | August 25, 2010

I Tri-ed, Tri For A Cure Race Recap

Photo by Richard Sawyer Photography.

Linda Braley is a recent member of PVC Women, joining the club after a few weeks of riding with the group.

More importantly, Linda is a cancer survivor. Recently she participated in the Tri For A Cure in South Portland, Maine where almost 900 women turned out to participate and raise almost $1 million for the Maine Cancer Foundation.

I asked Linda if she would mind writing a “race report” for us and it’s below. But before you read her account, check out the news story on WMTW about the event by clicking HERE.

Now, here is Linda’s account:

I finished the event 170 out of 731. Not too shabby! I didn’t do as badly as I felt on the swim, given I couldn’t catch my breath and wound up doing the side stroke 2/3 of the way, which made my legs more tired.  I’ve been training the crawl which is a faster stroke and less tiresome on the legs.

(Linda on the far right before the start of the event.)

Survivors take the water. Photo by Richard Sawyer Photography.

Linda getting her wetsuit taken off. Photo by Richard Sawyer Photography.

The bike, well, the wind was in my face the entire way.  I had a hard time catching my breath after the swim. My speed was not my best BUT I rocked on the bike, being the 5th across the line into the transition for the run.  The corner marshals were telling me to slow down in the last turns and I thought,  you just better get the “h—” out of my way as I took the corners in full tilt. Oh, I really was looking for that sprint finish I love so much and then to be DONE, but no.


(Linda after the first transition and heading out on the bike course.)

I did run/walk the run.  I just was gassed. And NO I can’t imagine taking it easier on the bike to save my legs as that’s the part I love.  The elite or simply stronger athletes, made some headway on this segment.  Overall I was really hoping (but concerned from dry runs) to be in the top half.

(Linda in the light blue PVC kit, almost at the finish.)

So, my final placing ended up at 170 out of 731 competitors.
I placed 7th of 64 in the survivor category.
I placed 32 of 123 in my age group.

Last but not least I placed 19 out of 731 on the bike segment!

BUT.  Now that the event is well, in the distant past, I wonder…  I could build up my running endurance, I bet I could build my swimming confidence,  I could get tri bars on my bike.  I could simply have a better winter this year.

HMMMM.  When is registration for 2011?



  1. Way to go Linda! It was an inspiration to see you out there racing. You along with all of the racers were simply amazing.

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