Kellie Joyce

A lifelong competitive swimmer, Kellie turned avid cyclist in 2009 after getting viciously bitten by the triathlon bug. After riding “a wreck of a bike” for her first tri in 2008 she decided to invest in a new one last spring. Someone suggested she try a group ride and hasn’t looked back (except to check for cars)!

“I still occasionally unclip and lean the wrong way, ride headlong into potholes, or forget the importance of carrying a water bottle, and I’m not afraid to admit that pace lines terrify me, but I’m working on learning the ins and outs of being a true cyclist.”

Kellie spent the summer riding and learning the basics with a local women’s ride and ventured out with another moderately paced group ride a few times when feeling adventurous. “I absolutely fell in love with being on my bike, and the awesome people who love it, too!”

While tri’s are her current fix, she’s planning on exploring the world of competitive cycling this spring and summer (with the help of the other women in the club!). She plans to continue with triathlons having committed to her first half ironman in June 2010. “Triathlon would be a perfect sport if not for all the running involved…”

Kellie was born and raised in the greater Portland area and loves living in Maine. “I’m one of those Mainers who shovels in a t-shirt or bikes in short sleeves when its 35 degrees out.” When not biking or swimming or avoiding running, she’s working on he PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology.


Dana McEwan

Dana was bit by the cycling bug in the spring of 2006 when she had friends invite her on a 10-mile ride. Doing this on a crappy hybrid bike in agony, she knew she needed a road bike. One thing lead to another and by the end of that first year she has logged over 2000 miles on the road.

“The next step was to keep that going and hit the gym for spin classes to ‘keep up with the boys’ in the spring.”

Over the years Dana has engaged in various club rides, group rides, and charity rides, including the Trek Across Maine. Last year she took the next step and tried racing. “It was a ton of fun. I didn’t have big aspirations other than to finish. Some races I did finish and others I didn’t. Each one was a learning experience and I hope to do even more in 2010.”

Dana’s primary goal with the women’s group is to get more women out riding together. “There are a lot of women who love to ride their bikes. Few participate in group rides because either the group is too intimidating or it’s too fast. I know, I was there with my first group rides and still find it to be the case at times. We hope to have a moderately paced ride just for women this year, encourage women to ride together, and prove that there are many other women out there just like them.”

Growing up in the mountains near Rangeley and Sugarloaf, Dana has been a life long resident of Maine. When not riding her bike she enjoys activities with her husband, which include watching and photographing cycling races, and blogging about her experiences on the bike.

Dana at the Lake Auburn Road Race, June 6th, 2009.



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