Posted by: Dana | April 11, 2010

SIP Crit Race #2

There were several of the PVC women on the line for the women’s race in the Scarborough Industrial Park today. Erin Brennan, Elizabeth Ehrenfeld, Jan Conley, Kellie Joyce, Kim Schutsky, and Dana McEwan were joined by a few Base36 racers and a couple racers from the Gould Academy team for the women/beginners/juniors race. Erin joined in on the B-race, and Ivy and Marianne rocked the A-race. Once again, it was a lot of fun. However, don’t take my word for it. Below is Kellie Joyce’s account of the race:

So today was my first ever bike race! I was really excited going into it, and I’m really excited to do it again, so it was definitely a good time. I raced the women’s race of the Scarborough Industrial Parkway Crit Series, with the encouragement of Dana and the company of Elizabeth, Erin, Kim, and Jan (rocking our PVC kits), plus Ivy and Marianne who rode with the big kids.

Start of the women’s race.

Ivy’s start with the A-race.

Marianne’s start with the A-race.

It was a little chilly at the start, though that could’ve been because I forgot my upper half base layer (at least I had my shoes!!) I got there around 7 and took a couple warm-up laps to get the lay of the land. Another lap with Dana helped, as she pointed out some of the potholes and cracks that you want to know about ahead of time. We lined up for the start at 7:30, and off we went.

I learned pretty quickly there’s a lot of strategy in this sport. Knowing who you can follow and when to break away and when to stick behind someone… it’s a lot to take in at once!

I am not yet comfortable riding straight off someone’s wheel, but I’m working on it. I much prefer to be able to see potholes coming at me, as I have a history of running straight into them, but that leaves you out in the wind in a race. Also, one of the turns is a 90-degree right hand turn with a slight uphill right afterwards. I’ve never tried taking a turn like that with the speed we were going, which was a little scary… and for me, very slow. I wound up hitting the brakes almost every time, and having to pound it to catch back up!

Jan and Kim.

Look at all the light blue that is the PVC women’s kit!

Erin having fun in the women’s race.

After our race I stuck around to watch the B race and the A race. Scary moment at the end of the B race when a few riders crashed within sight of the finish line… Erin got a few stitches in her elbow, but besides that I think it was mostly scrapes and bruises. The B race looked fast, and there were a few breakaways at the front, which we didn’t have in our race. The A race was crazy fast, and the group that finished first was very impressive.

Like I said, can’t wait to do it again, I hope more women decide to give it a try. It’s all for fun, with a healthy dose of competition, and a lotta bikes.

Kellie very determined.

Kellie digging deep at the finish.

Posted by: Dana | April 4, 2010

First SIP Crit Series Race

Today was the first Scarborough Industrial Park Crit Series race. Luckily Elizabeth Ehrenfeld wanted to race it with me. I must say she did really well and ended up finishing 3rd 2nd out of the 5 women and first timers that lined up on the line. (The juniors went off a minute or so behind our group.)

The start line.


Elizabeth finishing 3rd.

Me (Dana) finishing last.

I did manage to hit the line for the B-race after the women’s race. I held on for 6 of the 12 laps before pulling out after being dropped during a preme lap.


Our own Ivy lined up with many members of the OA/Cyclemania guys for the A-race and did really well!

After the race, Elizabeth told me it was actually a lot of fun. Ivy also said she had a blast in her race. Let’s hope we can get more women in PVC kit on the start line in the coming weeks.

Posted by: Dana | March 7, 2010

Another Great Early Season Ride

Sunny skies, 50+ degrees, and 30 miles were enjoyed by 8 of us on Sunday’s ride of the Monday Night Ride (MNR) loop.

(Bonnie Esposito, Leia Crosby, Kellie Joyce, Chris Beneman, Cydney Cox, Ivy Luhrs, and Heidi Shaw Alpren.)

Posted by: Dana | March 6, 2010

First Ride of the Season

There were 6 of us of the first ride of the season today.

We rode the loop that we’ll be riding on our weekly ride starting March 15th. I thought it would make sense to get some out to see the route in full before then.

Luckily our kits had arrived this week so several of is were sporting them.

We plan to ride it again tomorrow and some of these ladies will join others for another ride on a sunny day.

(Bonnie Esposito, Karen Kurkjian, Margaret Leary, Dana McEwan, Ivy Luhrs, and Carolyne LaCerte.)

Posted by: Dana | March 5, 2010

It’s On!

We have organized group rides for the upcoming weekend. With temps pushing 50 degress it should be perfect riding weather!

Saturday – 9:00 am – Payson Park

Sunday – 11:00 am – Payson Park

Both days we will ride the Monday Night Ride (MNR) loop so everyone can get familiar with the route.

Posted by: Dana | January 24, 2010

OA Spin Classes

Don’t forget that Orthopedic Associates in Saco is offering spin classed this winter!

Posted by: Dana | January 16, 2010

First PVC Women’s Clinic

We had our first successful PVC women’s clinic last night at Cyclemania. We had approximately 30 ladies attend.

The evening started off with some food, drinks and a recap on the women’s group thus far in terms of membership, the kit order and Response ID cards, which are free for all members.



Marianne Stover kicked off the clinic by talking about bike specific training and various workouts, followed by Erin Brennan who spoke about triathlons, some of the gear one would need for it, coaching resources and tips on training. Both did a great job speaking on their respective subjects despite a few initial butterflies.



It was interesting to find out that there were an overwhelming number of ladies in the crowd that had participated in triathlons, a sure sign of a growing trend.

We consider this first event to have been hugely successful and are in the process of planning another one before the season really gets underway. Stay tuned to this blog for more information when it becomes available.

Posted by: Dana | December 23, 2009

Training Seminar

Please join us for a training event on January 14th at Cyclemania, 6:00pm.

Marianne Stover and Erin Brennan will share some of their training knowledge for the off season. Some items discussed during this event will be:

  • general discussion on winter training including purpose, establishing goals, different base periods and their roles.
  • sample workouts based on type of riding (racing early season, charity rides, improving general fitness)
  • handout of sample workouts
  • quick demo on the different workouts and how they are done (types of intervals, cadence, etc.)
  • simple methods for establishing heartrate zones

For those of you who don’t know Marianne, she is an accomplished mountain bike racer, road and cyclo-cross racer, including winning a ‘cross national title and this year’s Maine Time Trial Series.

(Marianne during a 2009 Time Trial in Scarborough.)

Erin Brennan needs almost no introduction to many who participate in triathons in the State. She is an outstanding triathlete winning several Maine State Time Trial series as well at countless triathlons, placing within the top 5 of many 1/2 Ironman events throughout the Northeast, and has had a long standing All American ranking. Erin also starting racing cyclocross this year and found herself on the podium at several events.

(Erin experiencing the joys of mud at the Downeast Cyclocross race in October 2009.)

Please join us for an evening with these inspiring women to learn how you can maximize your training in the off season, whether you are training for the upcoming racing season or just trying to stay in shape and best prepare for those upcoming centuries.

Feel free to pass along this information to anyone you feel might be interested. However, to best prepare for the number of participants and provide the accurate number of handouts, please RSVP to Dana McEwan by Monday, January 11th.

Posted by: Dana | December 15, 2009

What Do You Want?

So welcome to the newly established PVC Women’s Blog!

It will be some time before we have some exciting content to put up here. However, when we do get rocking and rolling, what is it that you’d like to see posted? Thoughts and ideas welcome!

Thanks for commenting and check back to see what other’s are looking for – it might also give you some ideas or we just might have posted something that interest you.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by: Dana | December 5, 2009

A Chilly Saturday Ride with Friends

Several of us met in Payson Park for a Saturday morning ride for two hours. We were joined by a few men as well in addition to meeting up with some women in Falmouth.

Skies were cloudy but even with temps below 40 degrees it felt surprisingly comfortable.

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